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At Melbourne Tiles you have a wide selection of tiling products and tiling services, dedicated to both commercial and residential needs, from small projects to larger real estate ones. We therefore provide you with home and business improvements solutions, offering both wall tiles and floor tiles of all types. Our products are delivered to your address anywhere in Australia as punctuality, an experienced staff and knowledge is what enables us to give you better services in terms of various tiling services. Visit our store in Melbourne or simply buy your favorite products from our online store.
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Waterproofing without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap
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Facing tiles are reliable, practical, easy to maintain and thus irreplaceable in building, repairs and interior design for homes and commercial buildings. You can tile yourself a unique style for your home or office and forget about repairs for the nearest ten years! We offer you wide choice of tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, patios, swimming pools, entrances and drive ways. In our online tile shop you can choose various quality tile types:

 ■  Porcelain
■  Marble
 ■  Ceramic
■  Travertin
 ■  Blue Stone
■  Limestone

Facing tiles are good for many purposes. Everything depends on the way of use. Unlike other facing materials used in building and repairs, facing tiles have plenty of advantages:

 ■  Highly durable
■  Non-hazard and eco-friendly
 ■  Weatherproof
■  Water-resistant
 ■  Longevity
■  Attractive design

Using facing tiles will help you save money on your building or repair works. Natural stone and wood cost too much, require thorough maintenance and friendly climatic conditions. Considering this, quality tiles are a great choice for every budget. On our website you can buy tiles for a much lower price than in any ordinary hardware store. With an enormous selection of textures and patterns you can get creative and create your own original design.

How to choose tiles for wall and floor

You can easily buy tiles online in Australia and get it delivered to any city. We will gladly give you a professional consultation and make all necessary preparations and tiling works. To make the right choice, pay attention to the tiles’ specs, production method and ways of use prior to buying it.

■ Floor tiles are damage-resistant and don’t get deformed under heavy weight. High density pressed tiles with a skidproof surface are used for tiling floors indoors and outdoors. You can buy home and front-end decorating tiles and tiling products in our shop.
■ Tiles for wall are molded thus their surface is smoother and less resistant to temperature drop and adverse weather conditions. Modern wall tiles have longer working life and will look presentable for many years.
■ Bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles are mainly characterized by being perfectly leakproof. For your safety we suggest choosing skidproof tiles when tiling floors in your bathroom.

Modern tile types for commercial and residential needs

To decorate your home and yard you will need more than tile style. Small tiles, especially mosaic ones, are more suitable for creating a cozy, warm atmosphere in your home or a unique interior in your office. For patio, entrance and drive ways it is better to choose bigger, highly durable tiles.
Luckily it is very easy to buy tiles online in Australia nowadays! You can order high quality production delivery from Melbourne Tiling Services PTY LTD. Our online tile shop offers you all necessary tiling materials and tools. Our masters provide various tiling services in Melbourne and other cities: from repairs to big commercial projects. Punctuality, high quality and professionalism are guaranteed!
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