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Click here to find out how to clean and seal your tiles and grout in 10 minutes.
Waterproofing without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap
Toughened glass frameless shower screens for any shower application.
Melbourne's leading interior designer, Kent Stringer in Melbourne Victoria Australia
The typeof adhesive you use will depend on the surface you are placingthe tiles on. For instance, if the floor is made from concrete,you are best to use 'Kerabond - mixture with isolastic'. Ifthe floor is a wooden floor with a fixed cement sheet, thenyou should preferably use 'Isoflex' or 'Black Label' flexibleglue. If the walls are plaster board/cement sheet/Concrete,use 'Keraflex white'. If you are using a very porous tile,use glue of the same colour as the tile to prevent unsightlystaining.
The grout you use isgenerally of the same colour as the tiles (unless you are creatinga feature by using contrasting colours).
Sealants are neededif the tile you are using is very porous and especially ifit is going to be layed in a wet area or an exposed area.
Tilespacers / ‘crosses’
Tile spacers are placedbetween tiles to create an even gap / good alignment.
For a basic tiling jobwill require: a notched trowel, a spatula/ scraper, a spiritlevel, a tape measure, a tile cutter, tile nippers, markingpencils, a ruler, rubber grouters, a bucket and sponge.
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