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Waterproofing without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap
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Step 9: Sealing Tiles and Grout

You can seal the grout and/or you can seal the tile itself (provided your tile is not already sealed eg. glazed ceramic tile). Sealing will make the tiles/grout more water and mildew resistant, and help keep dirt out of the joints. Most manufacturers suggest you wait a week or so before doing this to give the grout a chance to set properly.

Sealing grout

Apply a silicone or water-based grout sealer to the joints. If you get some sealer on the tile’s surface, ensure you wipe it off before it dries. If you are using a porous tile, seal the tile first before applying the grout/grout sealer to prevent staining.

Sealing tiles

If you're using a porous material like slate, marble or terra cotta, you should seal the surface of the tiles to prevent them from getting stained with use. You'll have to reseal the tile occasionally as the sealer wears off. Don't use any cleaners with ammonia on the tile as this will remove the sealer.
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