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Waterproofing without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap
Toughened glass frameless shower screens for any shower application.
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Step 10: Tile Repair and Maintenance

Whenever you tile be sure to save some tiles in case you ever need to replace a few, as it is almost impossible to buy a new tile to match an existing one.

Replacing Broken Tiles

To replace one or a small number of tiles, first remove the grout around it/ them. You can do this with a grout saw / a spatula or a utility knife. Shatter the broken tile into smaller pieces by hitting it with a hammer and chisel. (ie. don’t forget the safety glasses). Remove all pieces, and scrap off any grout / adhesives, being careful not to damage the surface below. Put enough adhesive on the back of the tile (buttering) so that the tile(s) sit level with the rest. Let the adhesive set before grouting.

Re-grouting and sealing tiles

Grout often cracks or becomes mouldy with time. If there is not enough grout between the tiles, water can pass through into the wall/floor below causing more damage. Tiles should also be periodically sealed to prevent any moisture penetration, especially in wet areas.
Clean any affected surfaces and reapply sealant/grout (as above).

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