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Keraquick White

Keraquick White

High performance, deformable, rapid setting cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles and stone material.
Interior and exterior floor and wall bonding of all types of medium and large size ceramic tiles, stone material subject to staining (as long as moisture stable) in environments where rapid use is needed over: existing floors (ceramic tiles, natural stone, terrazzo tiles, concrete) as long as solid and perfectly clean, cementitious screeds and underfloor heating systems, gypsum board, concrete structures and precast concrete panels as long as suitably cured, fibre-cement and wood panels, substrates waterproofed with Mapelastic, Mapelastic Smart, Mapegum WPS, etc.
N.B. Particularly suitable for repairs in areas subject to heavy traffic and when surfaces need to be in service rapidly, such as public premises, pedestrian passages, supermarkets, showrooms; suitable for rapid installations or repairs in swimming pools, industrial plants (breweries, wine-cellars, dairies, etc.), refrigeration units and rapid repair work in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, terraces.
By mixing Keraquick with Latex Plus in complete substitution of water, the deformability improves to meet the requirements of class S2 (highly deformable adhesive), according to EN 12002.

Technical data:
Pot life: 30 minutes.
Open time: 20 minutes.
Grouting: 2-3 hours
Set to light foot traffic: approx. 2-3 hours.
Ready for use: approx. 24 hours (3 days for basins and swimming pools).
Deformability according to EN 12002: S1 - deformable.
Colours: grey and white.
Application: notched trowel n. 4, 5, 6 or 10.
Storage: 12 months.
Consumption: 2-5 kg/m2.
Packaging: 23 kg bags, 4x5 kg boxes.

Keraquick is CE marked, as declared in ITT certificate nº 25040475/Gi (TUM) issued by the Technische Universität München laboratory (Germany)
2-5 kg/m2
23 kg
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76.66 AU$/unit87.61 AU$/unit
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