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Click here to find out how to clean and seal your tiles and grout in 10 minutes.
Waterproofing without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap
Toughened glass frameless shower screens for any shower application.
Melbourne's leading interior designer, Kent Stringer in Melbourne Victoria Australia

Melbourne Tiling Services : All aspects of tiling, from Small jobs and repairs to Large commercial projects.

■  Tiling :

·       Bathroom wall and floor

·       Shower bases (walk in, hob, etc.)

·       Large floors

·       Kitchen splashbacks

·       Balconies (screed, waterproofing, tiling)

·       Patios

·       Driveways

·       Swimming pools

    Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Kerlite etc.


High end tiling jobs to any standard jobs.

■  Demolition : removal of old tiles / fittings; a complete service is provided including the removal and disposal of tiles, fittings and furnishings.

■  Surface preparation : boarding, plastering, screeding, levelling floors including removal the existing.

■  Floor heating : installation of coil floor electric heating

■  Waterproofing : licensed waterproofers, professionally waterproofing all areas

■  Sealing tiles : apply a sealer for easier maintenance and longer lasting

■  Re-grouting service : bring your tiles back to life using our re grouting service

■  Sealing leaking showers : re grouting, seal corner joints, apply penetrative sealer, refit loose or drummy tiles, reseal shower screen etc.

■  Shower screens : custom made frameless shower screens at best quality

■  Supplier : All tools, installation materials, waterproofing compounds, tiles, supplied by Melbourne tiling services P/L

■  Installation materials are of professional grade (Mapei).

■  Clean & seal your tiles in 10 minutes

Tile & Grout Cleaner gives a sparkling shine to floors, tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, enamelled surfaces.
Tile and Grout Cleaner is specifically designed for a deep clean, without harsh treatment of the tiles.

For Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Entrances, Dining Areas, Family Rooms, Patios, and Drive Ways, Bathrooms wall and floor, Shower bases, Kitchen Splashbacks, hallways, stairs, swimming pools tiling and much more.

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Grout Sealer is a water based silicone grout sealer, designed to make grout water repellent.
Grout Sealer is easy to apply and makes grout easier to keep clean.

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■  Reseal wet areas

Stop leaking showers, baths and vanities without removing tiles using a strong sealant which replaces the existing one and fills the gap between the surfaces, for a fraction of the cost with Superseal.

■  for Commercial and Industrial, Construction Contractors, Architects, Builders, Real Estate Project Managers

■ Tile Supplier (choosing tiles)
■ Site preparation (tile layout, screeding, self-leveling, waterproofing)
■ Laying Tiles (laying, grouting, caulking, sealing, polishing)
■ Consultancy

For Apartments, Offices, Retail shops,Industrial and other Commercial projects.

■  for Residential and Real estate

■ Tiles Supplier
■ Laying Tiles (floor & wall)
■ Consultancy
■ Bathroom renovation
■ Interior Design
■ Kitchen and Bathroom tiling
■ Tessellated tiling
■ Wall and Floor Tiling
■ Reseal wet areas
■ Leaking Shower Repair and Fix
■ Shower Screens

For Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Entrances,Dining Areas, Living Room, Family Rooms, Patios, and Drive Ways, Swimming Pools.

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